News today of a very exciting discovery that suggests that the Romans actually got further west than previously thought. Map of the Roman EmpireThe consensus has been that the most western part of the empire was Exeter, which was a Romano-British town called Isca Dumnoniorum, the principal town of the Dumnonii tribe. They were a tribe hostile to the Roman invasion and the subsequent programme of Romanisation, and it was believed that they managed to hold on to their own territory and so prevented the Romans from moving further west.

However, today the BBC are reporting on excavations that reveal Romanised settlements further west than Exeter. Not enough work has been done yet to date the settlements, or even to make definitive statements about how this changes our understanding of the frontiers of the empire in Britannia.

What was the discovery that started this excavation and new theory about the boundaries of the empire? Two guys with metal detectors and a passion for archaeology who found a bunch of coins.

Read more about this discovery on the BBC website

Book II of the Cambridge Latin course is set in Roman Britain. There is lots of information about life in Roman Britain on their website, as well as Latin stories to read.